Here’s how cameras work instead of mirrors in the new Audi e-tron (Video)

Self-propelled cars, hydrogen engines, solid electrolyte – none of these seem as revolutionary and cool as the fact that Audi has just cast the side mirrors out of the car.

As we have mentioned more than once, Audi’s first electric model will be the first to be ordered in some countries without side mirrors, but with cameras.

So far we have not been quite clear what to expect from this technical solution, but in the video everything is clearly shown. Audi’s virtual mirrors are not only better for aerodynamics, they also beat the invisible corner, the dead zone, or where you like to call the place where a bus is often hidden … From the video we see that a green turn signal will be projected on both screens in the interior, and that the driver will have a sensor surface to adjust the “mirrors” to the driver. It sounds high-tech…

Author: Simon Tyler
Photo edit: Audi Power Team
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Date: 18 April 2019