Audi TT RS is here with five cylinders and 400HP

You probably remember that during the summer Audi renewed TT, the German company did not show the RS version. This injustice has been corrected today – in front of us are the first pictures of the drowned model in Coupe and Roadster variants. As ordinary for Audi, you have to be a serious fan of the brand to find the changes – concentrate on the front and larger cooling holes.

Notice the impressive front spoiler – it can be ordered in the color of the body, in glossy black or aluminum finish. The big rear wing has new vertical elements, and the discreet stop linking the two rear lights is a reference to the similar solution at the A7 and A8. The TT RS standard comes with LED lights, and mattress adaptive headlamps at the front and OLED at the rear are available for a surcharge.

The heart of RS continues to be the turbocharged 5-cylinder gasoline engine with 400HP. and 480Nm – engine of the year in the category from 2 to 2.5L for the ninth consecutive year. It provides sprint to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds on the road to the maximum 250 km / h (280 for extra charge). The four wheels receive the 480-well-timed Newtontometer with the 7-speed S tronic, and the choice of wheels is limited to 19 and 20-inch solutions.

Audi starts accepting orders immediately, with the price in Germany starting from 67,700 euros for the coupe and 70,500 euros for the roadster.

Author: Simon Tyler
Photo edit: Audi Power Team
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Date: 16 April 2019