Audi PB18 e-tron – Next-Gen Audi Supercar + 764 electric horsepower

Forget the technocratic name (the initials show that the car debuted at Peble Beach in 2018), focus on the basic. Low-capacity battery with a capacity of 95 kWh, able to withstand a 580-kilometer journey after 15 minutes of charging, thanks to its 800 volts. If you are not interested in running a single charge, we may impress you with a sprint of 100 km / h for just 2 seconds. This startling number is possible thanks to three electric motors – one for the front wheels and one for the rear. They produce 671 hp, but in a short “overboost” they are capable of 764 horses.

There are no common utopian visions of self-management and a computer-controlled future. You’ve heard of a level of autonomy 3, 4, 5, right? Well, this car is level 0! The latter does not mean that PB18 suffers from a lack of technology from the future. The slogan is now Vorsprung durch Elektrisch, behind which there is a lack of mechanical connection between the brake pedal and the carbon brakes as well as between the steering wheel and the 22-inch wheels.

Infotainment system data is projected directly in front of you – whether it’s the perfect track line or home-based navigation data. And another technique: contactless charging, cornering torque distribution, laser headlamps and so many periodic elements in the construction that the total mass is only 1550 kg – remember, the kit comes with a 95-kilowatt-hour battery.

And although the new Audi is the size of Aventador, it’s a very practical supercar. The Ingolstadt company has long been in love with the wagon, so the bodybuilder breakout type is not surprising. The rack holds 470 liters, which is close to the A4 Avant. And all this is entirely subordinate to the driver! Very nice!

Author: Simon Tyler
Photo edit: Audi Power Team
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Date: 16 April 2019