Audi e-tron with 8920 Nm… WoW! Climbed the legendary ski slope “Streif”!

Audi has some experience with winter sports and is keen on maintaining the reputation of its Quattro system. On this occasion, the German company has just posted the 2-time DTM champion and world rallycross racer Mathias Extremom for an unexpected skiing vacation in Kitzbühel. Its transportation – the new all-electric Audi E-tron. The Goal? Climbing the 85-degree slope of the track, known as Mausefalle.

Audi recognizes that the e-tron had to undergo very serious modifications for the project. Two more electric motors have been added to the rear axle, so the total output has reached 503HP and the torque – the lubricating 8920 Nm on the wheels. In order to be able to walk on Streif’s ice, the e-tron has received ultra-long Studs on its 19-inch wheels. For the experience of the car, numerous modifications have been made to ensure the safety of Extreme, a roller coaster added, a 6-point seat belt and a rope winch. Audi says that the rope is not used to tow the car, but only as a precaution to avoid overturning.

A recreation of the Classic 1986 Audi commercial. While climbing the dangerously steep ski jump, our legendary Quattro all-wheel drive shows off its incredible gripping power…

Author: Simon Tyler
Photo edit: Audi Power Team
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Date: 16 April 2019