The new autonomous Audi has pots on board and is called AI:ME

Audi will not announce when the autonomous AI: ME will be able to take you from the bar, probably because the long-awaited future with self-driving cars is constantly moving away. The company from Ingolstadt baptisms its autonomous models with the AI designation. You probably remember the AIcon prototype of 2017 that was designed for off-road trips. AI:ME is his city friend. He has level 4 autonomy, which means that he can travel without the driver’s intervention in some neighborhoods that have been prepared for that, but there will still be steering and pedals for the rest.

The drive is back as the power from the electric motor reaches 170 hp. (as much as the BMW i3), and the battery delivers 65 kWh. Just one look at the interior shows that AI:ME is not the most sporty Audi. The seats and the total lack of side support suggest that going into a brisk ride will not be the strongest feature of the prototype. Instead, the comfort will be remarkable – although the dimensions of the car are similar to those of the A3, the larger wheelbase and the lack of engine in front of the driver provide endless space. You will find magnetic cup and plate holders so you can enjoy your breakfast while your car is driving you to work. True plants descend from the roof, it is very eco, for sure… The infotainment system offers you the opportunity to watch videos with VR glasses, use the car as a mobile WiFi point or turn it into a huge circular movie theater that projects dinosaurs on all your screens. Outside – AI: ME can show different pedestrian images to make it easier for them to pass in front of the car, for example.

As you probably already know, most autonomous cars are likely to be at the same time and shared. Audi looks at this feature by offering you the ability to configure AI: ME before you hire it – the electric hitch will come with you with the interior temperature you set, the colors of the lights in the navigation address you are going to, and the music loaded your Spotify account.

Author: Simon Tyler
Photo and video edit: Audi Power Team
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Date: 16 April 2019